Our Technology

We develop energy storage materials that:

Are made of all-organic materials.

Carbon-based, domestically supplied and manufacturable.

Increase voltage and energy density

Designed to work within existing Vanadium flow batteries with cell modifications.

Secure our economy

Eliminating reliance on foreign supply chain and rare earth mining

Why we’re doing it: the challenge of scalable grid storage.

To meet aggressive climate change goals and regulations, the US is rapidly adopting renewable generation while closing down dispatchable base load generation. However, with the shift toward electrification of transportation, industrial equipment and small engines, the demand for elctricity is outpacing supply. A scalable solution for grid energy storage is critical to enable continuing development of renewable energy.

However, a number of key barriers are prohibiting development:

  • Reliance on rare earth mining from foreign suppliers creates uncertainty around cost, availability and prohibts growth.
  • Li-ion solutions are costly and place pressure on an already tight supply chain for electric vehicle supply.
  • Time-tested solutions like pumped hydro or compressed air storage are dependent on local topology and geology.

Our Solution: Improving Redox Flow Batteries

Redox Flow Batteries (RFBs) are already in commercial use around the world. The core material that most rely on is vanadium, a rare earth metal largely imported for US battery installations. The market volatility around vanadium drives a higher cost, so it is not yet competitive enough for rapid deployment.

Jolt is partnering with technology companies, chemical manufacturers and vanadium RFB companies to replace the core energy storage material with an organic solution that will roughly double the energy storage capacity while also reducing the cost per kilowatt hour.

Why Organic?

Jolt has discovered and patented a brand new class of over 50 compounds with unique and valuable properties. The most powerful of these are a capable of:

  • Rapidly charging and discharging high amounts of energy, robust enough for large renewable storage applications.
  • Storing more and more electrons in a highly energy-dense solution.
  • Robust multi-year performance with the ability to be reprocessed and placed back into use.

Organics: a history of market disruption

Organic compounds have a growing track record of breaking through society’s toughest challenges. Think about the way OLEDs completely overturned the market for screens or how electrochomic technology enables turning the passenger windows of a Boeing completely opaque.

Jolt is building on that momentum to unlock a revolution for grid-scale energy storage.

Jolt’s Advantage

Unique Materials

6 US Patents, 7 International and 1 New Provisional

Higher Voltage

Organic chemistry allows for 2.8V potential – more power, more energy, and small size

2x Energy Density

Roughly doubling the capacity of RFBs.

Lower Cost

Scaling within existing industry postions Jolt as most cost-compeitive solution.

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