Jolt Energy develops and engineers industry-changing, sustainable energy-storage technologies.

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Grid-Scale Energy Storage

Jolt Energy’s concepts for organic redox flow batteries empower utilities to bring more new, renewable energy resources onto the grid.

Our sustainable energy storage solutions will enable utilities to capture energy from intermittent energy sources, such as solar panels or wind farms, and reliably deliver that energy as soon as it’s needed.

Li-Ion Battery Solutions

Jolt Energy has pioneered chemical additives called Voltage Regulating Electrochemical Shunts (VRES), which can be used to control the lithium-ion battery charging process. Jolt’s advanced molecular designs for VRES enable manufacturers to:

  1. Improve safety by preventing battery overcharge
  2. Increase usable battery capacity
  3. Reduce production costs by eliminating complexity in battery management systems

Tom Guarr Speaks at TEDx Macatawa

Energy Storage: The Key to Clean, Reliable Electricity for Everyone Anything and everything we do requires energy, and the key to using renewable sources that only work when the sun shines or the wind blows will come with...

Jolt Energy Nominated for Newsmaker of the Year

Jolt Energy Nominated for Newsmaker of the Year

Grand Rapids Business Journal nominates Jolt Energy for Newsmaker of the Year. Extract The Grand Rapids Business Journal’s Newsmakers of the Year celebration is a popularity contest. But not in the way you might think. When Business Journal reporters and editors met...

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