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An all-organic solution for grid-scale redox flow battery storage.


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Organic Materials for Grid-Scale Energy Storage

Jolt’s all-organic energy storage compounds are designed for redox flow batteries. These large-scale batteries empower utilities to readily store energy generated from intermittent renewable resources like solar or wind, and then reliably deliver that energy when its needed.

Jolt’s unique, patented materials offer a higher voltage and energy density at a much lower cost than existing flow battery chemistries or large-scale li-ion batteries. They also eliminate the reliance on rare earth metals mining and complex global supply chains enabling a secure, domestic energy storage solution.

Our Approach

We are partnering with leading technology companies, chemical manufacturers, and flow battery companies to increase energy density and remove barriers to meeting the demands of the grid.

Organic Materials

Our materials are primarily made of carbon and are readily available through existing domestic suppliers.

Reduces Material Cost

With both a higher energy density and lower material cost, Jolt enables an economically sustainable approach to grid storage.

Use Existing Industry

Our products can be implemented in existing Vanadium cells with minor modifications. In addition, it can be produced by existing chemical manufacturers.

Enhances Energy Security

Readily available materials and supply chain will offset the demand of li-ion batteries for grid storage, reducing pressure on the market.

Our Story

Jolt was founded by a team of passionate experts and researchers who have set out to revolutionize the field of energy storage. What began as research to make li-ion batteries safer has now given birth to energy storage materials that could change the way we store and transport energy across the grid.

Jolt Featured in Crain’s

Jolt Featured in Crain’s

Excerpt from Crain's Grand Rapids Business | By Mark Sanchez The founders of Holland-based Jolt Energy Storage Technologies LLC have an ambitious goal to change the way the world uses advanced battery technology.   The company wants to achieve that grand vision in an...

Jolt Taps Co-founder Jack Johnson as Head of Business Development

Jolt Taps Co-founder Jack Johnson as Head of Business Development

Johnson to leverage years of energy storage commercialization and manufacturing experience for grid-storage technology company July 18, 2023 Holland, MI – Jolt Energy Storage Technologies, an organic grid energy storage company, has hired Jack Johnson as head of...

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